pronunciation (awkˈtoː.ri.taːs)

1. from Latin, more than advice and less than command, an advice which one may not safely ignore.

2. original content and articles selected from the best websites, aiming to feature the contexts, motivations and trends that are happening around the world.

In this day and age of  apparent endless growth of digital media, constant surprise regarding the new dynamics of print media and, finally, a long-due appreciation of niche audiences  Auctoritas celebrates and recognizes the importance of high quality content.

About the Featured Articles

We structure every post to direct the reader to the original source always, for this reason we only use a fraction of the article or the premise behind it to tease and entice our visitors to access the full length feature on the native website.

Auctoritas would like to thank the daily efforts of the writers for each featured piece. 

The Categories

Global Affairs
The main curation of the feed, aiming to identify articles that explain and enrich the discussion about current events throughout the world.
Focus on the contexts, motivations and consequences of the events that occurred in the last days.

The potentially most eclectic collection of articles on Auctoritas.
The objective is to identify the progress of a topic that is constantly featured on the media, thus creating an interesting overview.

Culture & Art
Highlighting interesting developments in Art and Mass Media.
Suggestions of outstanding body-of-works and interviews also included.

Design & Architecture
Interesting and concept-bending works from around the world.

Mapping and collecting the projects that point to breaking new ground, especially innovations that are being adopted by the general public, creating new paths and aesthetics.

Opinions and analyses bringing forth unique views on complex scenarios.

How it began?

In March 2013, Auctoritas began as a User Magazine after Flipboard implemented a game-changing feature on its app (any of their registered users may share their own 'magazines'). At the first stages curating World Affairs, Trends & Innovation articles from more than 30 websites, the project slowly garnered attention from the Flipboard Staff and subscribers from around the world.

The Flipboard platform is and will continue as the main tool for Auctoritas's selection. The impossibly beautiful visuals and dynamic presentation is a must-see, as well as the + 4,000 articles curated as Auctoritas backlog.

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